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CORE 45 Degreee Offset Tactical Sight Rail

CORE 45 Degreee Offset Tactical Sight Rail Zoom

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    Have you experienced this? You go to mount this new snazzy tacticool red/green illuminated optic and... the sight doesn't clear the loader?

  • r, you would love to use your existing sight on that new marker you just got, but its a vertical feed?

    CORE lets you use those sights and optics with the CORE 45 Degree Offset Tactical Sight Rail. This precision machined aluminum sight rail easily bolts onto virtually any 7/8" rail, canting your sight 45 degrees either right or left. This allows clearance for hoppers, loaders or vertical feednecks while keeping the sight as close to center as possible.

  • All aluminum construction
  • Mounts via two allen screws
  • Fits virtually all 7/8" tactical rails
  • Fits the A5, X7, 98 Custom, Custom Pro, BT-4, TM-7, TM-15, SP-1 and more!

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