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Stiffi Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel - 16in .691 Bore

Stiffi Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel - 16in .691 Bore Zoom

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Product Details

    The Stiffi Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel in the classis raw carbon fiber finish!
  • The Stiffi Barrel is made from advanced Aerospace Materials - Carbon Fiber.
  • At 1.7 - 3.0 ounces, Stiffi Barrels are 3 to 7 times lighter than Metal Barrels.
  • Stiffi's MicroJeweled bore creates a hi-tech polymer glass- like finish giving you unparalleled accuracy.
  • All one-piece Stiffi Barrels have a Stepped Bore for less ball drag and better shoot-through on barrel breaks.
  • Will not expand and contract with temperature changes, giving you consistent accuracy.
  • Precision machined aluminum backs in all popular bore sizes.
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